You Me & the Sea.

Big Sur, California Central Coast. Photo by me in 2009.


Continuing the “I Heart California” series, here’s Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley National Park. 

Photo by me in 2008. See the little yellow circle under the “r?” That’s two people walking down. :O


Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, Lancaster, California.

Photo by me in 2005.


Joshua Tree National Park. Photo by me in 2003.


Practice makes more practice. Spencerian is tough and makes me feel like I’m back in grade school, but I’m slowly making progress because I’m training my eyes to see my mistakes. I also switched to my vintage school pen with a vintage school nib. Such a great combo! 📚✒️



imageThe 2014 logo was designed by Don Marsh

For those who don’t know, the IAMPETH (The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) convention is held annually around August, for a week of classes, panels and good old fashioned pointed pen fun. The convention is held in different cities in the US, and this year 2014 it was held in Indianapolis, Indiana in the Sheraton Hotel from August 4-9.

This was my second IAMPETH (2013 was in New Mexico, Albuquerque), and will be rather long blog post as I (try to) recall the week, which was admittedly pretty hazy due to all the fun, class information overload, not enough sleep and running purely on adrenaline and cheap wine. So if you want to know what it was like and perhaps join us next year, please read on to see what happened at this year’s convention, stream of consciousness style.. this will be a long post!

imageThe Iampeth 2014 family, top row from left: Ritchie Wei, Gillott Principality, Bailey Rivera, Rhonda Smith, Tittivilus, Kathy Saunders, Maggie Cravens, Brian Smith, PR Spencer ; second row: Skyler Chubak, Rebecca Sinnen, Melissa Esplin, Emily Fitzpatrick, Brittany Lax, Amy Dunn, Joi Hunt, Maradasz ; third row: me, Eileen Gustafson, Valerie Williams, Mike Ward, Jacob Ira, Mary Ellen, Marcus Carlini, Taylor Dunnahoe, Rick Muffler

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Broad pen mail exchange going out today, for my #FlourishForum friends stateside. 🇺🇸


Another California Eastern Sierra gem - the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, off Hwy 395 past Lone Pine. You drive up and up until you’re 10k above sea level, then you’ll come upon these ancient trees. Some are over 5,000(!) years old. Photo taken by me in 2006. These are so majestic, you gotta see them in person to really take in their beauty!


More brush lettering practice and more California love - The Eastern Sierra mountains! It’s wonderful to get away from the city and breathe fresh air above 8,000 ft.

Photo taken by me in Fall 2007.


  1. Camera: Panasonic DMC-FZ5
  2. Aperture: f/5.6
  3. Exposure: 1/640th
  4. Focal Length: 6mm

A little fun brush lettering practice today. I love vintage fruit labels! 😚🍊


(100 days of this year of lettering left!)

Some #Spencerian practice with lyrics from one the most beautiful birthday songs, “Happy Birthday” by The Innocence Mission. For someone who is celebrating her birthday today. 😘 


Starting to put words together. Very challenging with 1/6” x-height. 🐥💢 

International batch 2 going out for the Flourish Forum broad pen mail exchange tomorrow! I wish my camera could pick up the gorgeous bronze-gold ink on mustard yellow. ✨


Alrighty - my first batch (international mail) of the #flourishforum #broadpen mail exchange is going out on Monday - gold ink on olive green ✨

So very thrilled for the opportunity to calligraph for @uppercasemag’s issue 23 promo. Go check out the teaser video at and congrats to everyone whose work will be featured in the Fall issue! ✒️